Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Windsor Park Gets...A Bar

Well, I'm glad that people are making major announcements on Rumors of Grounds. From the comments, "miguel" writes this:

OK, heres a "rumor" that happens to be true. I am opening a bar in WP and it will be at the location of the day labor place on Corona. We will serve Coffee and some food but we will only open at five-at first. We plan to expand as time goes on to be able to cater to our AM neighbors in a few months after we open, which hopefully if all goes well should be in July. We will have wifi, foreign movies scheduled and an eclectic choice of beer wine and liquors from around the world. Please visit The Nomad when it arrives.

That's very exciting! We wish Miguel lots of luck, and we'll definitely check out The Nomad. But does it mean this blog should now shut down? That coffee shop activism is irrelevant out of the gate? Not at all! This is a coffee shop rumor blog, and Miguel brings true rumors of...a bar.


Stephanie said...

wow, this is very normative of you. are you a prescriptivist in your other life, by any chance?

coffeehound said...

Do you mean, do I disapprove of alcohol? Not at all. /swigs beer/ But I wanted to pursue rumors about coffee shops, so that's the frame of the blog.

Thanks for the outside.in recommendation; I've posted the blog there.

Kristin said...

I'll just say that I'm excited about both! A coffee shop and a pub. Is there anyone out there thinking about opening a coffee shop? I'm happy to get involved with the legwork that would have be done, but as for capital, my pockets are empty. :o(

Miguel said...

Well lets see how this bar/coffee/hangout/patio thing turns out and maybe I will open a coffee shop exclusively next for the purists out there.