Sunday, February 25, 2007

Another Coffee Shop

Jose del Valle and I met at Epoch (where I'd never been before; cool place) the other day to talk about his coffee shop idea. He owns 1/2 acre on the west side of Cameron Road, just north of Clayton Lane, sandwiched between a day care center and the Church of Christ. He's looking to revamp the house on the property and turn the first floor into some coffee shop/restaurant arrangement, perhaps building some hangout space on the back that wouldn't change the overall nature of the space. (There are trees, for instance.)

This property is up for rezoning to general retail in the new neighborhood plan, which is the best zoning category for such a coffee shop. From where I live, this is a bit of a hike, and I don't relish the idea of crossing Cameron, but then that all depends on the destination, doesn't it? And it remains to be seen whether a place between a day care and a church could ever sell beer, but maybe he could sell Christian beer in sippy cups, I don't know.

Next steps? Either getting a co-op together or finding someone with capital to lease and remodel. If you want to get involved, contact Jose at delvalle dot jose at sign gmail dot com.

UPDATE: I altered Jose's email address.


Miguel said...

To sell beer, you need a CS-1 zoning, and that needs to be approved by your neighbors which shouldn't be a problem. But and this is a huge but, there is a law with the TABC that states that you must be a certain distance from an established church and schools in order to sell alcohol. I believe daycare falls within the school definition. And since this place is sandwiched between both exceptions, I'm not sure alcohol could ever be a reality there. I think the CS zoning that it is slated to receive will allow coffee and food though.

Reason I know this is I am dealing with all of that right now. Hope this helps.

jdv said...
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jdv said...

Miguel -- thanks for the information.

I've got God on one side and the fruits of procreation on the other… I guess it’s going to have to be coffee /tea for a while. I’m still cool with it.


Miguel said...

I think your spot is great and I can be a source of help and info for you should you need me. Let me know. Hound has my info.

Gayatri Rao said...

It looks like there is no way around this but I was going to suggest perhaps that beer and wine be sold only after a certain time in the evening?