Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Better Now Than Never

"Windsor Park is a great neighborhood," people told us when my wife and I were considering buying a house here 2.5 years ago, "but there's just one problem with it."

"What's that?" we asked.

"There's no coffee shop," they said.

There wasn't a coffee shop then, and now, 2.5 years later, there still isn't one. What there have been are rumors. Rumors of coffee. And since we live in WP now, we hear rumors all the time.

"Oh, didn't you hear? Somebody's going to turn the Jack Brown cleaners into a coffee shop."

"I heard that somebody's mother-in-law, who lives out of the country, is going to come and open a coffee shop somewhere."

"I heard that two lesbians are going to open a coffee shop where Centennial Liquors used to be...oh, it's already a plumbing supply place?"

Oddly enough, one of the rumors turned out to be true. Well, sort of true. But things didn't work out. And since that fell through, the rumors have picked up again.

I'm going to use this blog to relate all the coffee shop rumors and rants that I hear. I may even include reviews on places I visit in Austin. Flightpath. Quack's. Pacha (where there's a $5 minimum on credit cards, which sucks). Cafe Mundi. Azul. Clementine. El Chilito. Thunderbird. Jo's. In other words, little independently owned businesses that some forward-thinking person carved out of the urban sludge, who saw value in the valueless. I may even post here on conversations with owners & entrepreneurs about what's stopping them from moving into Windsor Park.

One more thing: I don't particularly care what's going to open over at Mueller someday, and I don't care that we'll eventually get a coffee shop.

1) We all know that it's going to be Starbucks at Mueller, and that's fine. But I want something else, a place that sells coffee and paletas, or coffee and tacos, or coffee and panini, and Starbucks doesn't do any of those. Yes, "Austin as weird" has become a bit of a brand name itself, but I like the brand, and I'm loyal to it.

2) We all know that's years away. So come on. Put a coffee shop where the people already live.


Granger said...

You need to try Epoch. It is just outside WP on North Loop, near the cemetery... Free wireless. Good coffee. Nice staff. tables, chairs and sofas.

Gayatri Rao said...

My husband and I were having our 5037th conversation about this and the end question was whether we need to talk about starting a coffee shop coop a la blackstar:

Kyle said...

I second the motion on Epoch. Best coffee shop in town---and it's open 24/7. Coffee is reasonably priced as well.

Bret said...

Epoch is cool, but not exactly in the neighborhood. There has been lots of talk about the lack of a coffee shop in Windsorpark. I think there are a few places on Cameron and a few on Berkman that would be great locations.

coffeehound said...

Gayatri, the link you sent doesn't work.

Granger & Kyle, I've seen Epoch but I've never been. If you recommend it, could you go the owners and ask if they'd consider opening another branch in Windsor Park? Then report back.

That goes for everyone else. Find the owner of your favorite coffee shop and ask them if they'd consider coming here, where they are 1) many underserved people 2) a changing demographic and 3) potentially great loyalty.

Miguel said...

OK, heres a "rumor" that happens to be true. I am opening a bar in WP and it will be at the location of the day labor place on Corona. We will serve Coffee and some food but we will only open at five-at first. We plan to expand as time goes on to be able to cater to our AM neighbors in a few months after we open, which hopefully if all goes well should be in July. We will have wifi, foreign movies scheduled and an eclectic choice of beer wine and liquors from around the world. Please visit The Nomad when it arrives.

Stephanie said...

Miguel, I heard - yes, through the rumor mill - that there were some zoning issues around your potential Cameron Rd/Corona location - have those been resolved?

Coffeehound, you might consider connecting this blog to outside.in - http://outside.in/

Gayatri Rao said...

Ok, let's try this again

Blackstar coop

CenTexDem said...

I've been an Epoch fan since the week it opened. Very friendly people run the place and the prices are reasonable. Flightpath is still a good place, too.

Definately one of the best bulletin boards in Austin at Flightpath. Unlike Randalls on Berkman which doesn't even have one.

It will be interested to see how Nomad does since it is on a residential street. Those of us who live in the 1200 Block will be watching it closely. I personally would like to see more businesses open where the profits are not alcohol driven. There is already a major problem in 78723 with drinking and driving as it is.

Miguel said...

Hi again, yes, the zoning issues are resolved, and soon you will all have coffee and some snacks, foreign films and a general good time. Looking at the demand we are moving towards being able to offer you guys coffee, breakfast tacos and pastries sooner than later. The fact that you can walk to our place, since its in the neighborhood, I hope will be a big plus for some.

Bret said...

The Nomad sounds like a great idea. Two of my favorite beverages are beer and coffee. And if its in the neighborhood, I can walk or ride a bike thereby avoiding 1) having to get in my car and 2) risking a dwi. While we're at it, another close coffee option is Casa Brasil at 5213 Evans Ave. (off 52nd St. just West of Airport)