Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Posting Rules on WPNA List

As I mentioned earlier, I'm on an extended mental health break from the Windsor Park list, so I don't know what's been posted about the Nomad. But it sounds as if posts making unsubstantiated claims about illegal activity are making it on to the listserv. What's the justification for that?

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MarkJD said...

I don't get it either. I'm quite certain I don't put the emotion or time into the list or neighborhood that some seem to, but the bit I've seen seems to be one person making statements with nothing behind it.

I enjoy Nomad and certainly don't think it's a dangerous place. It's such a nice bar that I think it has a positive influence on an area that might have problems apart from the bar.

On a side note I think I've only tried to post to the Windsor Park list once and my post was rejected as well. It wasn't related to Nomad, but it also wasn't a mean or attacking message. The list just seems to be highly regulated despite the comment by the moderator recently.