Monday, November 24, 2008

light's on

Yes, I've been guilty of absentee blogging, and because I never thought anyone would be that interested in my little mirror on Windsor Park, I never moderated the comments. No more. Maybe there should be a conversation about the posting rules on the WP list, but I can't have my real estate become a place where posts that were unacceptable somewhere else came to live. Unless I make them, I should add.

So I dumped the post that the WP list referred you to today.

But as I continue to be a fan of The Nomad, and as I'm baffled by this Hector's hectors, I'm going to post an edited version of Miguel's comment, pending his approval. If you'd like to comment on this post, feel free. Comments will be moderated, though. I don't have time to adjudicate truth, truthiness, or falsity, but be sarcastic if you got it, but keep it clean and neighborly.

I might also add that last spring I left the WP listserv, and my mental health improved 4,000%. You might try it. It's much, much cheaper than leaving town, but its uncluttering of the mind is priceless.

If Rumors of Grounds has been silent, it's because I don't have any coffee rumors to report.

1 comment:

Nomad said...

I appreciate your decision and I fully approve what I, and patrons of my bar know to be a factual rebuttal and warning to people about this "Hector".