Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Miguel's Post

This is Miguel's original post, with some redactions that he approved:
The following was supposed to be a post on the Yahoo Windsor Park groups page but it was deemed to not follow the guidelines so here it is.

OK, I've had enough. As the owner of Nomad Bar, I have seen everyone's complaints and gripes about it on here, and have been OK with it, as it is their opinion and I respect that. But when someone flat out lies and makes false accusations that can hurt my business, I have to step in. I am at Nomad everyday, am very proud of my business, care for it and for the neighborhood very much, and I can guarantee you that the police have been there only twice in relation to Nomad. They showed up because I called them. For problems I was trying to fix, problems that were there BEFORE I went into business. Everyone who has griped seems to have forgotten that there was a DAY LABOR office and an unofficial HOMELESS CAMP there before I opened. And you complain that The Best Neighborhood Bar as voted by the readers of the Austin Chronicle, is there, instead of that? Really?

The list of violations that Hector Jimenez lists under NOMAD BAR LLC is completely misleading and is a blatant attempt at hurting a place he himself has said he has not been in at night. These things did not happen there and I find it a bit disturbing that this person can post such obvious lies that people are believing on this board, and not get so much as a slap on the wrist, but when someone states the obvious about this disturbed man, the guidelines immediately pop up. And I know I will probably get the guidelines popping up after this e-mail, but maybe the guidelines should be changed to protect against blatant libel.

I have seen this guy's posts go from completely ignorant to downright insulting and I tell you, enough is enough.

Nomad Bar is going on record to say that Hector Jimenez is not welcome in Nomad bar. And should this man show up, you can guarantee, I will take care of it by asking him to leave and if he doesn't, I will be contacting the authorities to keep our neighborhood, my staff, and the Nomad, SAFE, as I always have.

I would also like to point out that Los Tequileros is zoned incorrectly and thus illegally, so it has no business being there. It is insulting and unfair to equate a business that legally was given the WPNA go-ahead and was zoned properly, with Los Tequileros.

- MJ


PJ said...

Miguel - just a note of support - Nomad has been a great addition to our neighboorhood. In the past few months I've worked there on my laptop, played darts there with friends, and celebrated on election night. Thanks for creating a safe and welcoming business in WP.
- Paula, Vicente and Skye

baby cakes said...

I agree, I am VERY happy to have Nomad in my neighborhood. Everytime I have been there it has an been extremely friendly atmosphere. The bartenders have been nice and environment was laid back. I think its a great place to have and I hope it stays around for a very long time! Nomad Bar is the kind of establishment we need in Windsor Park and the surrounding area; not illegal bars with unruly patrons.

Nomad said...

First off, thank you Michael for allowing my post. You did me a great service by editing it. Sometimes emotions can run away with you when you pour your life into something, as I have with Nomad.

And to the posts that so far have come in, your responses affirm my reasons for creating Nomad, and it makes me happy that there are anti-Hectors out there that have been in, and appreciate my business. Again, thank you.

Jeff Woodruff said...

This hector has absolutely no credibility that I can detect on the neighborhood list serve.

I feel anywhere within 500 feet of Nomad except on I-35. A lot of the crime statistics at that particular location would be related to the freeway itself . They used to publish the monthly crime statistics on the list serve. A careful examination always revealed the heaviest concentration of the actual incidents occurred on the frontage roads.

Jeff Woodruff said...

THis hector has notone iota of credibility, that I can detect, on thelist serve.
The used to publish the neighborhood crime statistics on the WP listserve. Two facts. The profile was very similar to Hyde park and to Brentwood. Secondly, the criminal incidents were skewed toward the freeway frontage roads.
The frontage is 500 ft from Nomad, but, of course, separated by a shopping center.
I feel perfectly safe at Nomad, on that Street, and even at the bus stop which is kind of homeless camp central. These people have always minded their own business when I have been around.

Mark said...

I am the moderator for the WPNA list. I did indeed reject the message from Miguel at The Nomad (a first time poster) due to guidelines issues. I asked Miguel to rewrite his message, and he decided to post it here. I didn't offer to rewrite it for him. If rewritten and resubmitted such as the rewrite posted here, it would have been much more acceptable on the WPNA list.

I think all of us who live here love living here. I'm also glad to have a local, neighborhood bar like the Nomad in our neighborhood (and the Carousel, too). But that wasn't the issue.

I do hope everyone will continue to chime in and help make the hood a better place. Working together, we'll create change and make a difference.

ppppppp, --mark

lepard said...

I am pretty sure that I met this Hector-guy at a party in the hood some time ago. He was stoned, drunk and blabbering away about how he'd started posting nonsense remarks on the WPNA just to get a rise out of the neighbors. I wish I could post the video that I have of him in my mind, as it would better explain the ridiculousness of this guy. Perhaps he was not the real hector, but I would like to go on with the assumption that it was. I am sure he is loving all this attention.