Sunday, March 9, 2008

WP gets...a bar

If you've come looking for my review of The Nomad, the WP's newest hang-out joint, I've got to get there first, but when I do, it will be reviewed. Word filtered to the north that last night's opening was packed but loud, and it's...a bar. If I ever get around to opening a coffee shop, I'll swing open the doors on a Sunday morning, because folks will be looking Until then, and/or when we come back to the WP, you'll be able to find me at the Nomad, drinking...a beer. (Even when I have a coffee shop, that's where you'll find me.)

In my current neighborhood, the coffee shop just moved from a cozy shack-like addition (you've heard of a shotgun; this was a BB) across the street to a larger space next to the fine grocery, Fat Baxter's. Haven't been to the new space yet but I'm excited to see it.

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coffeehound said...

Lots of people saying the place is great! Can't wait to get there.