Monday, March 10, 2008

Oh, So That's What This Is

A placeblog:
They're about the lived experience of a place. That experience may be news, or it may simply be about that part of our lives that isn't news but creates the texture of our daily lives: our commute, where we eat, conversations with our neighbors, the irritations and delights of living in a particular place among particular people.
I've written more here (and at our move blog) than at my home blog, and that this writing has been more satisfying, because it's been about a certain lived experience of a particular place. A lot of blogs are like this: an assertion of the inside of the lived experience of the ordinary. (Two lovely blogs I read share this quality: Little and Big, and Iron Steph Cooks.) And you thought I was vituperative and contumacious by nature.

The description of placeblogs also puts two things into opposition, the everyday and the newsworthy, which I used to feel very acutely, back when I dated a journalist who was too contumacious by nature to grasp the back-and-forth (or the antistrophe) I experienced between the public and private spheres. That experience would have made for a great blog. "After she interviewed John McCain, she called and I was making cookies." That would be stuff for another blog. One thing I like about my marriage is the resolute line between the public and the private: I don't think I'll ever write about the inside of this, even on a blog.

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