Saturday, February 16, 2008

Tree Kudo

Damn, that coffee guy has something good to say about Austin on his blog? Yes, I do. Today's Statesman has a story about Austin Energy's treetrimming practices, but I have to say that when they came last spring to cut our trees, I was really impressed with how responsive they were and how the trees looked when it was all done. It didn't look like they'd done anything at all! Now, I worked at home and I met the guys twice before they cut, so maybe that had something to do with it. Otherwise I have zero complaints.

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Charles said...

Yes, your being home did have something to do with, I believe. I made a stink when I got the notice that my tree was to be trimmed, and they fell all over themselves to be nice and not cut too much. But I've heard and seen so many horror stories about trees being butchered that I have to believe that if you don't let them know that you care, they'll do whatever is easiest and quickest.