Friday, February 29, 2008


An overworked, underpaid city employee writes to the Windsor Park list to tell John LeValley to shut the fuck up:

I am offended every time I see one of your missives, and would really prefer not to see another one.
Cue a rant from Steve Speir about how this rank, crass attempt to censor the Windsor Park neighborhood listserv offends the Big D Democratic and little d democratic spirit of the holy progressive ground of the city of Austin on which John Henry Faulk once trod.


Stephanie Bush said...

Exactly….I was just rubbing my hands in glee, waiting for the emails to start to fly…I can’t wait until I’m an old coot with nothing better to do than anxiously await garbage-collection day so I can draft a 500-word email to my neighborhood list complaining about having to walk an extra five steps to pick my recycling bin out of the street. Alternately, perhaps I will be the “meta-coot” who responds with overblown rants when Coot One is requested to stick a sock in it.

coffeehound said...

It would be tempting for me to say that I'm more meta-coot than you'll ever be, except that I know I'd enjoy your responses too much.