Friday, April 20, 2007

Beer Co-op

Check out this story in today's Statesman about the Blackstar Beer Co-op. Could it be a model for a coffee enterprise in Windsor Park? I notice in the comments some people offering to be let's do something. I'll check in with some principals and schedule something. How does next week work for everybody? Link


Kristin said...

Is there any interest for this week? I'm up for it.

echostorm said...

I'm the architect who's definitely interested in helping. I don't always remember to check this blog, so please reach me at my spam filtering email address:

Alexandre said...

Apparently, the co-op is shaping up quite nicely. As a coffee and beer geek, I'd certainly love it if the same model could apply to both a brewpub and a coffee shop.
Actually, I should ask the Black Star membership about their views on coffee. I'm not a member yet but I'll subscribe before I move to Austin.