Thursday, March 1, 2007

Open Thread

Use this thread to meet and discuss stuff.


Jill said...

you know, we keep forgetting about Quacks on 38th...does anyone go there?

Christopher White, Ph.D. said...

has anyone thought about starting a co-op? i think this could be a great solution. check out

i'd be interested (and willing) to have/organize a meeting.


Kristin said...

I'd be interested in attending/helping organize a meeting regarding a co-op. :)

echostorm said...

I'm an architect who lives in the Windsor Park neighborhood, and I really want to see these coffee shop ideas take off. I'd be glad to provide free architectural services (especially green design, which I specialize in).

I like to co-op idea too. I bet we could find enough folks in the neighborhood with various skill sets that we could build this thing ourselves, AND own it ourselves.